Wednesday, February 28, 2007

bad practice

This morning I used Tesco Direct [] to check on the price and availability of a particular laptop. I signed in as an existing customer with no problem, using my email address and password – as I have done several times this week whilst looking for a new computer.

In the afternoon, I decided to order a £500 laptop – but when I tried to log-in [on a page that carried the message “Hi Alan, welcome back”] the same email and password returned the message: "Sorry, but we couldn't sign you in. You may have entered the wrong email address or password. Please try one of the options below.”

So I clicked on the 'forgot your password?' link [let’s not go down the road of the grammatical accuracy of that question] – which returned a “We couldn't find the email address you entered” message.

So I thought, I know, I’ll re-register. But you guessed it, putting in my email address [you know, the one that they couldn’t find seconds before] – returned a message saying: “Your email address has already been registered”.

Make your mind up Tesco. While you can’t decide whether I exist or not – I’m off to PC World.

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