Tuesday, March 25, 2008

in-text ads - context please?

Much has been written about in-text ads and whether of not they [a] work, or [b] intrude on the content. I think they have a place if they are used correctly - but in this example, not only does the 'in text' element not work - the relevance of the ad to the content is zero.

This is the original text - it is about a footballer being transferred from Manchester City to Nottingham Forest. Notice how the 'ad' is identified by being in green and double under-lined.

Now look what happens when you run your cursor over the 'link' - note that you do not need to click on it:

Yep, that's an ad for flights to New York. And you cannot even fly from Manchester. Obviously this ad would feature every where on the entire web site that the word 'Manchester' appears. Why? What is the link between flights to New York from Gatwick and Heathrow?

Complete and utter marketing nonsense.

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