Sunday, January 11, 2009

confused? You will be

My car insurance is due and as my current insured has bumped up the price [I don't get the online 20% discount offered to new customers - why is it that new customers get a better price than an existing one? But that's another rant] so I went online to check-out the prices. Now, here in the UK, has been running a big ad campaign to get people to use the site, with 'users' [read : actors] going on about how easy it is to use and that you can state what cover and conditions you want.

I did this, stating quite clearly that I wanted a £250 excess and legal cover.

As can see below, not one of the 'results' met this criteria [to save space I have shown only the top returns. If no one could meet my criteria they shoul say so - and suggest I ammend my criteria, not show me a whole load of quotes that I have not asked for. So much for the 'usability' they make so much of in the adverts.

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