Tuesday, February 20, 2007

bad practice - KLM

Segmentation and target marketing is standard fare in both HE and FE teaching - so why can't organizations use the technology available to them to practice this basic marketing model online? Specifically, I have been a member of KLM’s ‘Flying Blue’ loyalty programme for around seven years. With KLM, I have never flown from any other airport than Newcastle. They know this as it is recorded as part of my ‘air miles’ profile.

So why do they keep sending me email promotions for flights from Heathrow?

The upshot of this poor targeting is that I [and most other recipients] will get into the habit of simply deleting all emails from KLM [or cancelling their ‘opt-in’ to receive them in the first place]. As a result I might (a) miss important messages [eg change of flight times] or, (b) relevant ones [eg flights from Newcastle airport].

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