Monday, May 28, 2018

Saga … how to win leads but lose customers

It's that time of year when  need to renew my car insurance. Obviously, I had a shop around online to see if there was a better deal than the renewal quote from my current insurer.

One such potential provider was Saga. Some way into the 'customer details' form I came across this ...

Now ... it is an old sales trick to offer the customer two alternatives knowing that whichever the customer picks, you make a sale. But really - lots of emails in your inbox from Saga or just a few is not an option. Where is the 'none' choice?

 Just out of interest, I clicked on 'insurance', and got this ...

Yep, to stop the emails you have to ring them up [actually, you don't - all marketing emails must have an 'unsubscribe' option included within them, but that's not the point].

A couple of additional things to note here:

1 Check out just what percentage of TV ads are for insurance price comparison sites or insurance companies - there is a lot of money spent to get people to visit websites where they can ask for a quote. If the above happens, all of that money is wasted.

2  I'm already a customer of Saga for another insurance product - they already send me marketing communications. So why didn't their software recognise me when I was filling in this form?

Oops, nearly forgot the main message of this posting - particularly for Saga - I stopped my request for a car insurance quote at that point.