Saturday, September 3, 2016

Limited availability on holiday dates

So it was raining outside and my thoughts went to a Christmas break in the sun. 

An appropriate search on Google had an ad at the top of the listings [ads, remember, only cost money if someone clicks on them -  but take time and resources to put them at the top of the listings] - so I clicked on the link and tried to find a holiday.

Sadly, the box into which you entered your required departure date was 'fixed' at the bottom of the page ...

No amount of scrolling would allow it to show the date I wanted - the 18th of December.

Perhaps only because of what I do for a living I sensed that the issue was the size of the usable screen - so I reduced the size of the page [control/-] and it revealed the full calendar. 

However,  you website developers at TUI - I should not have to adjust my PC to read your web pages. If you disagree with that statement you are an idiot and should not be paid to do the job you are doing. 

Disagree with that? Then consider where your wages come from. They come from people booking holidays via the web pages you developed. But if they cannot find the date they want to travel they move on to another website.

Are you getting the message here?