Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Speaking with forked tongue?

I can't work this one out. Is it just poor translation [if so ... it's bad practice from one of the world's biggest online companies] or is it deliberate to remind us it is a Chinese company. I suggest the latter as some of the grammar is perfect and others far from it.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

One size doesn't fit all

So I needed to check something on my PayPal account, and went to their homepage. OK, so maybe I wasn't really concentrating ... but I could not find the 'log in' button.

I even refreshed the page. Then I realised I needed to scroll across - and lo and behold ...

In this case it was not a disaster for the organization as I needed to get onto the website - but had I been looking for a product and was following links from a Google search, I would have just 'bounced' back to the SERP and gone to the next link in line.

1 Forcing users to scroll across has been bad practice since 1996.

2 I am using my PC with a a 23 inch / 60cm screen

3 No matter what settings I may have on my PC/screen or what I might or might not have on my PC... it is NOT my fault that the page has not rendered in my screen's viewing area. The designers should develop the website for ALL users - and if that means 'down grading' the technology [or losing the fancy toys they love to put on to show off their design skills] so be it. It is the customer that pays their wages.

Footnote: they got it right on my iPhone. Go figure.