Monday, December 24, 2012

feedback or interrogation?

In chapter 9 of my book I address the importance of feedback for hotels. Well, after a trip to Malaysia on business I have had a couple of emails [in a week] from the Hilton hotel group asking for feedback. When I clicked on the second I got this ...

Ten minutes? Take this as a lesson on how to put people off filling in feedback forms. In the interest of research, I did complete the form - well, nearly. All questions were on a Likert scale and many could be tracked to individual staff or their responsibilities and I was unwilling to give poor marks where a member of staff might be criticised for performance when I do not know the full circumstances [eg was the cleaner given sufficient time to do an excellent job of cleaning the room?]. However, I gave up when the form asked me to rate the hotel I had stayed in previously [a competitor]. Why not have just half a dozen questions on one page with a comments box? I bet they'd get a lot more completed forms, even if there was less data. And that data would be qualitative and not simply quantitative.

Friday, December 7, 2012

KLM get their geography right [eventually]

I have criticised KLM on this subject a number of times in this blog [the latest here] - but they seem to have finally realised that every single flight I have taken with them has been from my local airport at Newcastle. Hurrah!