Wednesday, September 3, 2014

We'll take your money ...

I ordered some brake pads for my 'classic' MR2 from Eurocarparts. When I placed the order this showed on the page,

Note that one set of the the pads were in stock, the other 'available to order'. However, a day after I got an 'order confirmation' email. I got this email.

Yep ... after taking my money, they have decided to see if they can get the products I ordered. And does this email apply to both products or are the 'in stock' pads already on their way to me?

But here's the worst aspect of this. They have taken my money - but I have to contact them to see if they can supply the goods I have already paid for. What if I do not? Will they automatically refund my payment. 'Shoddy' does not do this service justice.