Friday, July 17, 2015

Flying local

My complaints about KLM sending me offers to fly from anywhere-but-my-local-airport since this blog began 8 years ago [see poor geography], but they seem to have got their act in order with this latest email ...

However, if I want to be picky - why fill my email viewing pane with that picture which actually adds nothing to the offer or the appeal of the offer [in my books I condemn the use of 'hero shots'].

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

you're not welcome

I received this email this morning.

If you are relatively new to the Internet you may not have seen similar messages to this before - but 10 years or so ago they were common. And they were a BAD then as they are now. 

Could you ever imaging a doorman at a fashion store turning away a customer saying that that 'you can't come in here that handbag is so last year', or a petrol station refusing to sell petrol to older cars? Well, that's just as ridiculous as having E-on tell me I have to change my computer to enter their website.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A slip up from Amazon

Usually an example of good practice, Amazon got this wrong. I received an email from them - no problem with this, in moderation it is sound marketing ...

However, check out the price - it's in dollars. Suspicious, I clicked on the 'learn more' link, and was taken to the US site -  where I can't make a purchase. 

Of course, if I wanted to buy the product I could cut and paste the title into the website and buy it there - but that is not a good buyer experience.