Saturday, February 6, 2016

This is just not going to fly away

KLM have got a lot of their digital marketing right - but a quick scan on this blog will tell you this is something they just cannot seem to get a grip of. For new readers, I'll set the seen by saying that I have had a KLM 'airmiles' card for around 20 years. In all that time I have only ever flown with them from Newcastle airport. And yet they still keep sending me details of offers flying from other airports.

This one is worse in that I actually booked a flight to Amsterdam [for later in the year] earlier in the week. So, it is as if they are rubbing my nose in by saying 'we started the offer a couple of days after your booking ... but - haha - you wouldn't have qualified anyway as you are flying from Newcastle'. 

It's not rocket science KLM - just add a field to your email messaging so that I only get offers that I might be interested in.

Footnote: yes, I know it is now that it is now KLM/Air France