Friday, April 4, 2014

Get a life

I've been doing research for my new book [Social Media Marketing ... coming to a bookshop or computer screen near you soon] and I was looking for example of good practice in social media service. One organization which seems to get it right with customers is First Direct.

However, I came across the following example of one of the bank's Twitter conversations.

OK, so I'm maybe I'm living in the last [lost?] generation ... but conversations with my bank about odd socks? I can't even remember having a conversation with either of my ex-wives about odd socks - let alone complete strangers at my bank.

Is that really what social media marketing is all about? Or is it part of relationship marketing?  Or do people on Twitter really have nothing else in their lives that they 'like/friend' commercial entities and then respond to inane questions sent out to them?

Ho hum