Saturday, May 17, 2008

you on the right site cobber?

I got an email message from Friends Reunited advising me of a new feature - standard stuff, good marketing. Problem was that when I clicked on the link I was taken to the Australian version of the site [] - as you see from the email's status bar, below.

Mistake or server/hosting issue? Not sure. On the positive side, the link worked and I could access my profile on the Aussie site. Another thing I liked, but I suppose there are security implications : after I clicked on the email link and arrived on the site I was logged in - which [I assume] meant the site recognized that the email was sent to particular member and it would be that member who clicked on the link, so why make them log in? Not sure I would be so impressed if it were my bank, however.Footnote: The next email in my in-box was from AIRMILES informing me of my points total - and when I clicked on the link to the web site ... I had to log in.

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