Thursday, November 5, 2015

Burying their heads in the sand?

After the tragic loss of life when a Russian airliner crashed in the Sinai desert, last night the UK government suspended all UK flights to or from Sharm el-Sheikh airport.

The story was of interest to me because I’m supposed to be going to Sharm next month – so I took a look at the websites of the three main UK tour operators for holidays in Egypt.

OK, so they may be using social media as their primary platform for communication on the issue, but not everyone uses the likes of Facebook and Twitter – so I would have expected better than this …

The first is from market leader, Thomson Holidays. Look carefully and you will see a link. Would you have seen it if I hadn't put a green ring around it? I didn't.

At least Thomas Cook have made the effort to but a bespoke header, but it still hardly shouts at you ... 

But worst is the company who actually specialise in holidays to Egypt. No matter how hard you look you won't see any mention of the flight ban because their is none - despite the fact that they must have customers 'stranded' in Sharm and many others due to fly out this week. 

UPDATE Nov 8th

Well, at least RedSea have got round to mentioning the problem - but it's not shouting off the page either. And the phones being out-of-order seems a little 'convenient'.

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