Friday, April 27, 2007

bad marketing practice - or just plain rude?

Having had a little rest after finishing off two books [see column on right] I have been considering other titles/subjects. Trying to get away from the norm, I had an idea that required a number of 'real-life' case studies. So I sent an email to who I considered to be the right people at a well-respected case study-oriented web site - one I use all the time for its excellent content. I briefly out-lined my thoughts – with a certain amount of ‘sales-pitch’ thrown in [advantages to both parties etc etc].

And guess what? Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch.

OK, so I am not Philip Kotler or Dan Brown, I don’t expect them to run around the office shouting “look who’s written to us” – but my name is on two books in their business field [I mentioned the fact in the email]. I am certainly in a position to influence people in using (a) their web site, and perhaps (b) their services [the ‘bad marketing bit’]. But I am also a human being who has taken time to write an email to them [the ‘rude’ bit].

Naturally there’s an element of ‘cutting off my nose to spite my face’ – but I’m not going to chase them. The proposed project would require a positive working relationship – not replying to emails does not suggest that would be forthcoming from their side. There are other companies if I decide to pursue the idea.

However, I am not so hurt that I will stop receiving their newsletters or recommending that my students sign up also. But if one day they ask me something, I’ll point them at this comment.

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