Friday, April 6, 2007

oh-dear-it's-KLM-again [again] bad practice

I'm not picking on KLM, honest. But they will keep putting their head up above the parapet. It is also worth adding that I cannot remember having a significant problem with any of the numerous flights I've made with them.

It's their email marketing I'm moaning about again. I received a promotional email that included the following message:

I followed the link to my Flying Blue profile, and at the relevant section found the following:

In fact, if you think about it - surely I must be registered for the newsletter to have received the newsletter that told me about the offer of extra miles if I registered for the newsletter.

KLM - if you are out there - raising awareness of these problems is simply part of what I do to help my students. Give me some free flights and I'll look at your e-marketing properly.

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