Wednesday, April 15, 2009

lazy like a Fox journalist

OK, perhaps mis-guided rather than lazy, but take a look at this sentence in a report on SEO and terrorism [I'm not commenting on the story, just this description of SEO]
So SEO is 'arcane' [definition: mysterious and secret] and 'makes sure your site is near the top ...'

Well, there might be an element of secrecy about the algorithms - but mysterious? Much of SEO is science - and by definition science ain't mysterious. Even the 'art' elements [eg picking the keywords] are as mysterious as painting a picture - skill isn't mysterious. And it tries to get you to the top of search results pages, any competent SEO practitioner will tell you there is no 'makes sure' about it.

I suppose this just hi-lights to me that what I think of SEO is not shared by the general public - but then I should know this from teaching the subject - even web-savvy 20 year olds who have grown up with the Internet are largely unaware of how search engines actually work.

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