Tuesday, December 13, 2011

listen: I said we are closed !!!

When researching a new assignment for my e-marketing module [yes students, I do put some thought into these things :) ] I was looking at some online jewellery stores - and came across this one in Kuala Lumpur [the module is also delivered in Malaysia].
OK, so I do not know why this business is closed over - and before - the Christmas period. There could be a perfectly valid reason - though it is unlikely to be 'Christmas' as Malaysia is an Islamic country. Perhaps, historically, it is the quietest business period of the year and so they take their holidays in this time - though it does make a mockery of the 24/7/365 nature of online-shopping. Anyhoo, the owners have decided to close it,  but that is not the point of this entry - it is the way they tell customers about it. Or should I say, potential customers. Or maybe I should say never-to-be-customers?  

Unless you were already a satisfied customer who had made previous purchases, would you return to this store in the New Year? Why not explain the closure, or just have a softer message rather than this one which is the equivalent of slamming the door in customers' faces?


  1. Agree sir, if you have been to Malaysia, you will notice that whenever a shop decides to close down temporary they will only give a notice like "Sorry, we will be closed on X/X/X" with no explanation whatsoever.
    Since physical shops are operated that way it is no surprise online shops does the same. :)

    1. Harry ... you raise a good point - perhaps this is an example of how local customs and practices don't transfer well into an international [online] environment?

  2. Sir, we do celebrate Christmas in Malaysia, in fact its is top 3 celebrated holidays in Malaysia. Trust me we have alot of Holodays. Its just a bad business call.