Tuesday, February 14, 2012

no way out

I have already posted two entries in this blog about bad practice on the Blackpool Football Club's website [see Register - just to check availability?  and just the ticket. not ] - and here's another which follows on from those. This morning, I got the following email:

As it is of no interest to me I decided to 'unsubscribe' and so clicked on that link, which took me here:

... where I entered my email address and password. But it was rejected ...

... so I clicked on the 'get new password' and got this email:

So I put that password into the form and got:

If anyone at Blackpool FC [for it is in their name] or Ticketmaster [who seem to run the system for Blackpool FC would like to tell me how to unsubscribe from something I never wanted in the first place please let me know. Oh ... and by the way, if anyone from either organization is reading this: you are now [probably] breaking the law in this issue.


  1. In the screenshot it looks like you have entered 10564 as the password when the new password is password10564 or am I missing something?

  2. Well spotted John - you are absolutely right, the password is indeed 'password10564'. So the mistake was mine. Or was it?

    By coincidence, just this week I am teaching sessions on website design [are you one of my students John?] and I say - as I always do - that if a user can't work a website it is the designer's fault, not the users'.

    I can [now] see clearly the mistake I made - but I can also see why I made it. Without going too far into the science of the eye seeing what the brain expects to see - wouldn't a password of simply '10564' make more sense? Or if you need a word in there, why not 'blackpool10564'? Although in that, the 'L' and the '1' might be confusing.

    The upshot of this: if you are putting anything on a web page, give it some thought :-)

  3. Its quite a weird start when you failed to log-in and they guided you to the "Request for Password" stage, did you typed the wrong log-in password at the first stage?