Saturday, May 7, 2016

Website washout?

So after I discovered a pool of water under my washing machine this morning, I was checking out how much a new one was going to cost me. 

And I remembered the ads on TV  for 

So - via a search and ad on Google - I arrived at this page... 

If you look carefully - I've added an arrow - there is something chopped out of the page. 

I was using Firefox, so I checked the page was downloading properly on Chrome ... 

Nope - just the same. However, because it is part of my job [and I have this blog to write :-) ] I even had a look at the page on my iPad, and lo and behold - there was the missing content. 

Now, I would say that the missing content was actually some of the most important 'sales' copy on the page.  Oh dear.

But wait ... it gets even worse: take a look at the web page in Explorer. 


I wonder how much all those TV ads cost? 

I also wonder how much those Google SERP ads cost? 

And I wonder how much it would cost to make sure a website is downloading properly? Or to correct this error?

As a footnote: I shouldn't need to say it, but I've said it so many times before why should I break a habit of 20 years? 

If a web page does not download properly, it is not the fault of the user, their device or its software: it is the fault of the website designer[s].

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