Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lost in the post?

OK, so I'm being picky - and it's not really a 'digital' thing; but ...

 RS Components is as close as you'll get to being a B2B 'retail' outlet - and generally it is not only very good, but is often held up as an example of effective digital marketing. 

Which is why I was on their website. As part of my visit I looked for my local RS outlet. It was listed as being; 'Newcastle'. 

But when I followed the link to the 'Newcastle' branch's details, I discovered it is in ... Gateshead. Next door - yes. But across the river Tyne and a completely different town.

Maybe it's a historical thing [was the branch originally in Newcastle?], but come on: it's a different place.

I know a number of folk from Gateshead and they are pretty much fed up with being identified as Newcastle's poorer cousin. This is an example of just why that is the case.

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