Thursday, July 2, 2009

hello SMS ... meet online

I had to pick my sister up from Manchester Airport at 7.30pm, so I went online in the afternoon to get the airport's phone number to ring nearer pick-up time to see if the flight was online. There was no phone number - but an SMS sign-up. You send the flight number to the number given and it sends you a text when the 'plane lands and when the luggage is in the baggage collect area. So I signed up [let's not go into the issue of folk who do not have a mobile phone and would prefer a contact phone number to ring].

The confirmation email ended with the message: "new pick-up road layout see". So I went online to check this out. And got this page ...

As you can see, this page doesn't seem to have been updated for nearly two years - and there is nothing about any 'new road layout'.

And as a footnote: I didn't get any text messages about the flight ... good job I was there on time - even if the aircraft wasn't.

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