Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Marketing on TikTok?

I came across a promotion from a firm that acts as an agent for advertising on TikTok using influencers.

The sell …

‘We have seen some phenomenal results on the platform by driving over 1M installs through TikTok Influencers and counting… ‘

Note: installs, not purchases [CPI stands for cost per install - I had to look it up :-) ].

The guide to ‘Become a TikTok Influencer CPI Master’

Tip number one:

The more entertaining the content = The more views.

Welllll … knock me down with a feather, I would never have thought of that. Best get in touch with every media that has ever existed and let them in to this secret.

Tip number two:

Include a call to action.

Again; a revelation! These influencer marketers are soooo innovative and leading edge.

Tip number three:

Select influencers carefully.

Damn. I thought you just used a random selector app [I’m sure there is an influencer who will recommend one to you].

Tip number three:

Track results. OK, I’ve given up with the sarcasm.

I checked the customers – sorry, ‘the wonderful brands we’ve had the opportunity of working with – of the ‘world’s largest network of TikTok Influencers’ listed on the website and I’d heard of only one of the eight. No real surprise there – I’m in the wrong target segment. However, all were apps with a link to online ‘entertainment’. So – for example – a youngster watches TikTok video of influencer doing ‘dance exercise’ and follows the influencer’s advice to download the free exercise app.

So, yes, the marketers have done their job … but if you’re selling anything other than apps to teenagers – and that’s going to be 99.99999999% of all products, try some proper marketing.

* Note that throughout their website ‘influencer’ is presented as a proper noun i.e. with a capital ‘I’.  Why not try the same with your job to make you seem more important?

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