Monday, April 30, 2007

hotel-search-bad practice

I was clearing out some old files on my PC and came across this. It's a couple of years old - but the practice still happens. Note that the error is that of, not the hotel in question.

This started when I was going to Athens to deliver some seminars on e-commerce. My hosts had booked me into the Parthenon hotel - I'd never stayed there before, so I went to Yahoo! To check it out. I searched on "parthenon hotel athens". In the sponsored results was the entry:

So I clicked on it and got a page with this as its main feature. Note; no mention of the Parthenon hotel, or Athens, or even Greece.

So I completed the boxes from drop down menus:

And got ……

These people actually paid for an entry on Yahoo! Presumably they were on a ‘pay per click’ method of payment, which means my repeatedly clicking through the ad to get these screen-shots will have cost them money. Ho hum

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