Wednesday, May 2, 2007

excellent joined-up-thinking marketing practice

This one is from an unexpected source – recruitment ads for the British Army.

The campaign starts on TV, with a series of ads which feature hand-held-camera 'action' videos which stop at a critical moment – eg a bomb going off. Viewers are then directed to the web site to see how the event turns out.

On the web site the potential recruit [customer] can watch the full version of the videos which show subsequent events after the TV ad stopped.

Although I could be picky with the web site [I think it may be a bit technology-heavy and dependent on a fast broadband connection] it is the integrated marketing that is impressive. This is an excellent example of what the web can brings to strategic marketing – if its done properly.

Update Jan 08 - I came across this review of the same campaign : Army marketing tactics on Digg & TV

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