Monday, October 15, 2007

product : good - buying it : bad

In recent years I have travelled enough to make it worth while taking out annual travel insurance cover. For the last couple of years I've had a policy with ASDA - a competitive price for a good product [I think - I've never had to make a claim].

Any hooo - as my last policy had finished a couple of months ago [you don't automatically renew if you've no holidays due] I went back to the web site to start another year's cover.

Issue one is that I had to start from scratch - no 'previous customer' link that I could use - or is that a data protection act issue?

So I filled in all the details - and along the way I came across this:

Note that there is no option for 'previous customer', or even 'other', so I picked one at random - which will mess up their data on that issue.

Then when I finished filling my details and clicked on 'get a quote', I got this:

Grrrrrrrr. So I went back to the home page, and hoping I wouldn't have to enter all my details again, clicked on the 'retrieve a quote' - but got this.

As I had not been given the opportunity to see a quote, never mind get a folder ID, this was useless.

On the plus side, I went straight back to the quote form, the predictive text [my PC or their software?] made it quicker to complete and I went through with the purchase - the price having gone down since last year's policy. But ...

... in a very competitive market, had I got the site through a search engine I could easily have gone to a rival when I got the 'sorry ... ' notice.

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