Saturday, January 12, 2008

add up or add to ?

I sometimes add comments to blogs and - like many web sites - where those blogs want to block spammers they require that you type in to a box the characters from an active token. Well this blog site was a bit different carrying the message 'please add 1 and 3'.
Now, I just typed in '13', but I did consider typing in '1 and 3'. OK, so maybe I'm a thick, but when I did so I got a message that told me I couldn't count. Yep - what they wanted was for me to type '4' into the box. And worse, it wiped my carefully constructed reply to the article. No second chance with a note explaining what they really wanted. So guess what? I printed the screen for the image above, and left the site - the advice I was offering gone forever.

Surely I'm not the only person who was confused by the instruction? Even if I was, isn't one too many? Why not make the message [something like] 'enter in the box the number that is the total of 1 plus 3'?

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