Tuesday, January 8, 2008

poor geography

Doing some research for an assignment [setting it, not answering it] I searched on Google for 'five star hotel Newcastle'. Number two on the listings was this one from Best Loved hotels.

However, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is in Tyne and Wear, not County Durham.

Furthermore - and it hits a raw nerve up in this part of the UK - Seaham Hall Hotel is in Seaham (in County Durham) which is much closer to
Sunderland than Newcastle.

Local rivalries apart, for the casual hotel-seeker, this ad give the allusion that the featured hotel is in Newcastle - when in fact it is located about 20 miles away.


  1. Just to say - Seaham isn't part of Sunderland, it is firmly over the border in County Durham.

    Sunderland is in Tyne and Wear, like Newcastle.


  2. You're right [I've changed the blog entry accordingly] - I was trying to make the point that Seaham is more closely associated with Sunderland than Newcastle - more Black Cats than Mags