Monday, January 28, 2008

do you really want to hear from me?

Continuing from the previous posting ...

I thought I might let the webmaster know that the site wasn't working, and ...

I wanted to email the company to see if the car was available in automatic.

So I looked for email addresses. None. The only way to contact them was by completing the 'enquiries' form - you get the same form by clicking on the links for 'enquiries', 'feedback' and 'call back'.

Now for both I had a simple message or question. And yet the form required me to give my full name and address, home, work & mobile phone numbers and my email address.

There were 'opt-in / out' boxes for promotional contact - but as I would select 'no' for them all, why did they insist on all the details? If they gave an email address they would have my name and email address on my email to them - and that's all they need.

And I'm sorry, "making it easier to sort correspondence" just doesn't cut it - just monitor your email in-box.

Oh, and by the way, I didn't want to give them my details - well, actually I couldn't be bothered - so, no message about a failing web site [possible lost sales] and no enquiry about automatic gearboxes [possible lost sale].

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