Wednesday, February 13, 2008

your money is no good to us ...

Imagine you went into a high street retailer, selected some goods and took them to the counter to pay. The assistant then tells you your money/cheque/credit card is no good, and without another word turns on her heels and walks away. Acceptable practice? Certainly not.

Yet I was online today to register a domain name. I've got a few and I use the same company - which means that they have my details online. All I need to do is add my credit card number, the name on the card and the security number. Which I did, but up came a 'We were unable to process your transaction. Please check your card details and try again.' message. So I did, double checking every detail. But no, same message. So I tried a different credit card, twice - same result.

So here's my gripe. Both cards were working when I used them [offline] yesterday and this morning respectively. So what is the problem? Have my cards been rejected as being 'stopped'? Is the card number wrong? Have I got insufficient funds? Is the card number not matching the address on file? Is the security number wrong? Do I need to contact the two banks concerned? Have the cards been used fraudulently?

Or is it - as I suspect - that the error is in seller's system?

So what do I do now? I have received the 'confirmation of order' email - so the domain is mine when I pay for it. There is a phone number, but it is not 'free', and they are only open 9 - 5.30 - and I cannot use a phone through the day at work.

Not good customer service. Needless to say, had this been a different product I would have simply clicked onto another site and used my valid, working credit card there.

FOOTNOTE: An hour after I posted this entry I booked a flight online - using the credit card that was rejected by the domain name company.

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