Friday, February 1, 2008

form field folly

I was checking out hotels for my hols, and came across one that I liked. There was no online price/availability check, instead you had to send a form. This is it below, the fields in red must be completed.Yep - a hotel in California where I might spend one night wants my full address and phone number before it will give me a price. Do you think they would insist on these details if I rang up? Or stopped by in person? No of course they wouldn't - so why make it compulsory online? [If I'm making a booking, then OK].

Interestingly, the arrival and departure dates are not compulsory - so how can they quote price and availability if I don't fill them in?

Furthermore - when I did complete all the details it would not accept the form without I select a state/province. Like the earlier entry 'Sunderland moves to the sunshine state' - I have selected 'United Kingdom', so the state field requirement should automatically cancel.

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