Wednesday, March 12, 2008

you'd think an airline would know about 'landing' pages?

Those folk at KLM are at it again with their emails to me - though to be fair, the email was from Newcastle airport, but I assume KLM were the originators of the message. This time they have sorted out the fact that I'm only interested in flying from Newcastle [see my previous entries 1 & 2 on the subject], but there is an issue with the landing page. You will note in the email below that there are a number of destinations mentioned - with each [in yellow] being a link to the KLM web site.
So far so good, except that every link goes to this page ...

... and I don't want to go to Venice. To seek out the offer to where I might want to go I had to go to the KLM home page and type in all the relevant details in order to get a quote. Harrrummph.

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