Thursday, November 13, 2008

email - [still] the poor relation of customer service?

Still on the subject of travel insurance [see previous entry], on the ASDA site there was no listing of which countries that were covered in 'Europe' and 'world'. Hey, stop laughing, I can read a map - my problem is that I am going to the Canary Isles - part of Spain [EU member] but just off the coast of Africa. So which box do I tick?

That is not the reason for this entry, however. No ... take a look at the message I received after completing a contact form asking for clarification on the above issue.And now take a look at this:Yep, they can supply folk to answer phones 14 hours a day, but it can take 2 days to answer an email!

Footnote: the reply arrived some 16 hours after I posted the question - and to be fair, that was only 7 of their working hours. But still, it is 7 hours online vs minutes offline.

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