Thursday, November 13, 2008

Saga - [opting out of] doing things properly ?

I was getting some online travel insurance quotes for my Christmas holidays. Some - like ASDA - give you a 'quick quote' for minimal details, followed by completion of a full application if you like the price. Saga, on the other hand, require full personal details before they give you a quote. That, however, was not my main problem - it was this message after I had entered my address:
You notice how there is no 'opt-out facility'? In the USA this would break the law - in Europe I'm guessing that the phone qotation option gets around the relevant section of the EU Distance Selling Directive. But legal or not, it is just plain bad marketing practice.

Guess which company didn't get my travel insurance business. Furthermore, I already have my car insurance with Saga - so why not have an 'existing customer' button so that I didn't have to enter all my details? [data base technology is a fabulous thing]. A bit of joined up thinking required, me thinks.

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