Monday, September 17, 2018

It's déjà vu all over again

I thought this had been sorted 20 odd years ago. We certainly sorted it on the e-commerce sites I worked with 20 years ago. Though I do recall one of the budget airlines having this issue in recent years?

The problem is this: you click on the final link of a purchase [eg 'pay'] ... and nothing happens. 

Sooooo ... you do not know if the transaction has gone through. Do you click again - and take the chance of making two purchases? Or do you assume it's gone through and await a confirmation email [if they send one] - or access your bank/credit card account to see if the money has been removed?

That's what happened when I tried to book a room with Premier Inn.

Yes, that would be the same Premier Inn that spends a significant amount of money on TV, print and online advertising.

And that advertising all drives you to the website to book a room.

Which might not work properly.

Ho humm.

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