Sunday, September 9, 2018

Techie vs customer ... and customer loses

Computer scientists can do wondrous things with technology.

They can, for example, make software recognise whether or not the same letter is in upper or lower case. It can then determine that for purposes of identification, upper and lower case are the same thing.

They can do that easily.

If the purpose requires that letters are either upper or lower, they can even tell their software to convert the 'wrong' case to the 'right' case.

And they can do that easily.

Now look at the issue from the view point of customer usability. That is; make the procedure as easy as possible for any and all users to complete.

That, of course is the view of the marketers and sales folk. Because guess what? That's where the money that pays their wages comes from.

The irony is that too many computer scientists 'get' that minor detail. 

Worse still; if any of the 'techies' responsible for developing the online survey for Trinity McQueen shown below reads this blog entry, they will probably call me an idiot for using lower case letters in my postcode.


Footnote: I hit delete and didn't complete the survey. Loss to me? Zero. Loss to the organization? A completed survey ... for which they had emailed me personally and asked would I mind completing it. 

And if this had been the form for the delivery address of a product I had in my shopping basket? And I deleted it and went to another seller? 

Us customers can be funny folk ... but we pay the wages.

Oh, final note. Marketers - check what the computer scientists are doing with your marketing before you make it available to customers :-)

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