Thursday, January 31, 2008

proud to be different ?

Difference in service provision can be a competitive advantage. Being different in web site design not so. I was going to log into my Nationwide credit card account for the first time, and so went to the the home page.

My problem is that I was looking for a 'log in' button or text - and there was none. All I could see were 2 'sign on' links. Sign on? Isn't that what you do once - like signing on for a football team or course of study? I had already 'signed on' to their online banking service. I didn't want to get 'on' to my account, I wanted to get 'in'. Protocal online is that we either 'log in' or 'sign in' to a password controlled web site - in this case, being different has only served to confuse - nothing to be proud of.

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