Wednesday, February 13, 2008

some good - but the riff-raff are at the back of the plane

Some good and some bad from this flight booking with United Airlines.

Bad : As I had followed a link from a search engine, I didn't realise I was on the USA site - and it let me get all the way to entering my address before I found I was in the wrong place ... BUT, why was there no link to allow me to 'transfer' my booking form to the UK site? I had to start from scratch on the UK site.

Bad : On the US site I could select - at extra cost - seats at the front of the plane which had extra leg room. No such option for us colonial cousins on the UK site. So, [a] I feel a bit like I ain't good enough for the posh seats, and [b] I was willing to pay the extra - so UA, that's 34 dollars you haven't got in your bank account for the next few months.

Good : I liked the 'download to calendar' option on the confirmation web page. If I used one, I could have dropped the date into my Outlook/Google etc calendar on my computer.Bad : I know it is a US company, but the site is their UK offering - and we spell 'travelled' properly [with two 'L's].

Good & Bad : The confirmation email [good] included the following [bad]
Yup .. that isn't a domain name / URL

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