Sunday, March 18, 2007

bad in-so-many-ways practice

My wife read an article in the Sunday Times 'Lifestyle' magazine that mentioned the Prada mobile phone. Deciding she wanted one [I said 'wanted', not 'could afford'] she put 'prada phone' into Google - where the predictive text added 'by lg'. Top of the sponsored listings was an ad for 02.
Clicking on this took her to an 'LG' page on the site - but there was no sign of the 'Prada' phone.

So she used the search facility on that page, which returned this page:

Thinking that the 'LG L343i' might be the Prada phone, she clicked the 'more details' link - and got the following page:

I wonder how many genuine customers might have been willing to sign up for the £35 per month offer in the sponsored ad - but ended up giving that money to a different company? And remember, this is a very competitive industry. Take (a) foot. Take (b) gun. Shoot (a) with (b).

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