Thursday, March 1, 2007

bad practice [no, make that very bad practice] - Travelocity

While having a cup of tea, I thought I'd check to see if there were any cheap holidays available when my wife is off work in July [us lecturers, we're always off]. As an email had just come in from Travelocity, I thought I'd give them a chance to take my money. So I completed their 'seach' form, as shown below:

And the top of the returns was this:

1 For those of you who don't know [which obviously includes everyone at Travelocity] Gatwick is SOUTH of LONDON - it is NOT in the North East or Yorkshire.

2 Wednesday
2nd of May is not within three days of the 6th of July.

Did Travelocity think that I would change the dates and place of departure of my holidays to snap up this bargain? Frankly, I do not know what they are thinking. One thing is for sure, that was the end of my search for a holiday in that site. Probably forever. To Travelocity's marketers - how much did you spend on various forms of promotion to get me to your search form? Whatever the cost - IT WAS WASTED

A very poor example of bait and switch ?

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