Saturday, February 23, 2019

Christmas is coming ... or has it just gone?

Obviously, as spring is almost upon us, like everyone else I'm looking to get my garden in order for the summer [yeah, right 😜] ... anyway I came across the website of a local garden centre - which seemed to have been trapped in a time warp.

But here's the kicker - and it's why I get frustrated with organization's attitudes towards the web ...

I have shopped at this garden centre for years. It is very good. The folk that work there know their stuff. 

But if someone who had never been there found this on their website they might actually wonder if it is still trading. Furthermore, it's a bit out of the way - would a potential customer decide to make the journey based on this website?

I'm absolutely certain that if a sign outside, or on, the premises blew down or got damaged it would be replaced as soon as possible. That would be the sign seen only by passers-by and customers who were already there. 

Yet the website - seen by an untold number of potential customers - is ignored for months.

Worse still is that I've been saying this for more than 20 years.

Ho hum.

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