Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why adidas is going uphill - in more ways than one

OK, so I've been a fan of adidas for, well ... longer than most folk reading this have been on the planet [I got my first pair of sambas in 1971, I didn't dare tell my mum how much I paid for them].

But, that has no influence when I see good or bad practice - and this is excellent.

I came across a marketing article about how the sports and leisure wear company was entering a new marketing - hiking - and, at the same time, changing hiking's 'stale' image ... so introducing the pastime [sport?]  to a younger, trendier audience. 

Win-win all round; adidas sell more product; people get fit, adidas tick the box for doing their bit for the heath of  everyone on the planet.

Having read the story, I thought I'd take a look at the product in question - Free Hiker Shoes [I'm assuming 'shoes' will sell more, they look like boots to me?].

And sure enough, there is an online [only?] campaign to launch the shoes, which, as it happens, is tonight [full marks to adidas' PR folk for ensuring the marketing story was published today].

And here's the relevant web page on ...

Nice clean page design. All the necessary info is there. And there's a countdown clock to add a sense of urgency [always good to encourage sales]. If was into hiking I would want a pair. Heck, I walk a lot, I do want a pair.

PS If you're thinking 'that page has no price' - the price was on the link that took me to this page. And that price? Nigh on 170 of our English pounds. Pricey? Yes. But not for the target segment adidas is aiming them at.

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