Tuesday, January 11, 2011

saying goodbye should be easy[jet]

For reasons that I won't go into, I am switching most of my email traffic to a different account. In the main, this is: [a] all of the e-marketing-related newsletters/blogs etc to which I am subscribed, and [b] all of the promotional emails/newsletters I have agreed to receive. 

I am pleased to report that most offer an easy-to-access 'change email address' facility - but then you might expect that from e-marketing newsletters [practice what you preach, and all that]. For others, you have to unsubscribe and the subscribe your new email address - not too bad if it is only a case of entering your email address in a box and clicking 'enter'. 

Others made in even better 'marketing' job by using the 'goodbye' page for either research [see a good goodbye]   or simply showing a nice message along the lines of 'sorry to see you go'. 

However, there were others where, it seems, little thought was given to the procedure. Remember, at this point the customer has chosen to break the relationship with the organization, and so any obstacle will - in their eyes - become an annoying mountain that will only increase their assumption that ending the relationship was a good idea. Weigh this against the pleasant 'sorry ...' message that might make you think, 'oh, I'll stay with them'. Anyhoo - EasyJet take this a stage further. When you click on the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of their promotional email [there has to be one by law] you are taken to their registration/log-in page. If you can remember your password [I couldn't, I couldn't even remember registering, I have never flown with EasyJet and I guess I had to register to check flight prices?], you then have to go into your 'account' page, find 'contact preferences' and then unsubscribe from the promotional emails.

Why not ask why I am unsubscribing, and perhaps offer a more refined messaging regime - perhaps only offers for flights from a particular airport to specific destinations? Just as a though.

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