Wednesday, January 19, 2011

getting a relationship off on the wrong foot

I bought a rather splendid shemagh from the website. The site was OK, the price right and the postage free. So I placed an order and the scarf arrived within a few days. So far so good. However, I did have to register on the site to place the order - and so received this email. It was friendly, it was trying to develop a relationship with me. It was promoting their SMM efforts. 

So why was it signed by '4sg Ltd, Store Owner' and not a real person?


  1. Oh yes the typical email to build a relationship. The mistake of not making it a personal email from someone leaves the impression that it has either been rushed or its an automated 'generic' email.

    Improvements can be made of course by having the name of the owner or anyone that represents the organisation instead of the consumer being left feeling it has got a respsonce from an automated service. This gives the impression that the company does not have time for the customer.

    Naveed Ahmed
    (E-Marketing Strategy)

  2. Ok its wrong action actually but what I believe, is that the “Store owner" tried to make this e-mail more personal by putting that is the owner, that this person wrote an e-mail for you, and only for you. Has your name, and the owner wrote the e-mail.

    Let’s think, if we will get an e-mail from Bill Gates... wow, that’s amazing.

    Probably like this thinks and the “Store owner” Good, bad, he needs a marketer immediately. On the other hand the web-site in my opinion looks very poor, and to be honest I would never expect an e-mail back from that web-site.
    P.S. they had any security shopping signs? The only I saw was the free UK banner. God i hope this person will not do any surgery to his self. Doctors are doctors, marketers are marketers and store owners are just owners.

    "The website shows to others the profile of your company". Kotler P.

  3. What a load of rubbish, in my opinion look very poor, and to be honest I would never expect an e-mail back from this web-site as it looks to me to be just another one of the million conent rich garbage clickbank sites that get people to spend money for things they do not need. As with most academic people they can normally talk the talk but putting things into practice is normally above them.

  4. Alan CharlesworthWednesday, April 13, 2011

    Hi 'anonymous' from the last comment. I can only assume that your criticism is of me, and not the e-military website [note: I prefer 'website', others 'web site'. However, 'web-site' is grammatically incorrect and so not used].

    That you think my websites are 'clickbank' sites betrays your lack of understanding of the concept - not least that I'm not selling anything!

    If you read some of the content of my sites you will see that it is published for the benefit of my students and anyone else who cares to take advantage of it. They are not commercial sites.

    A quick read of my profile would also reveal that I did 'walk the walk' before I became an academic - and, indeed, still do [try reading my book 'Internet Marketing: a practical approach' - the title is a clue to its philosophy].

    And finally ... with regard to 'walking the walking': in my book and lessons I 'talk the talk' that organizations which engage in social media marketing must be prepared to handle criticism as well as plaudits. Well, I've published your comment - what does that tell you?