Saturday, January 15, 2011

so Egg, do you want me as a customer or not?

I have a number of credit cards and it is my habit to swap around which one I use. Somewhere along the line, however, my Egg Card got ignored, so I was not too surprised to hear from Egg about its use. I was surprised, however, at the tone of the letter. It said:
Your Egg Card will not be renewed

At Egg we review your credit card account in the period prior to your existing card's expiry date and our records show you haven't used your account for more than 18 months.

Here at Egg it is our policy to close accounts when this happens.
Although there is an 'if you would like to discuss this ... ' paragraph it is down at the bottom of the page, it looks rather like an afterthought.

Note how I have no option in this - I am give a [rather rude] definitive statement [you are history].

Where is the question: 'we are sorry to lose you', 'is there a reason for you not using your card?', 'did we do something wrong?' or 'is there any way we can improve our service?' 

Nope, I am an ex-customer. Maybe I deserve to be? So why is this included in my online practice blog? Well, although they had me as a customer but cut me loose - they are still sending me promotional emails like the two below. So, you folk at Egg, either make your minds up - or get your various departments synchronized.

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